Student Privacy and Confidentiality

If you need to report an on campus emergency dial (504) 865-5911 (uptown campus) or (504) 988-5555 (downtown campus). If off campus dial 911.

The information shared with the Case Manager does not fall under the same confidentiality levels of a healthcare provider or psychotherapist/counselor. Every effort is made to protect your privacy and the information discussed will only be shared in the context of assisting the student. The Case Manager will share information on a need-to-know basis. In order to coordinate services, written releases of information are signed by the student, when necessary. 

Case management services are considered private and are governed by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Information is only shared, without signed consent, with school officials in “need to know” or health and safety circumstances. Click the following link for more information on  FERPA.

These resources will not share any information without your permission. Exceptions to strict confidentiality are when the provider believes you are a threat to yourself or others. 

These conversations are kept as private as possible, but information must be shared with key staff members so that the University can offer resources and accommodations and take action if necessary for reasons of safety. In planning any resource, the wishes of the person are given full consideration.

Anonymous reporting is NOT for emergency situations. Anonymous reporting is an option if you are afraid of being identified as the source of information. However, you should realize that anonymous reports may not receive immediate attention and must include sufficient detail in order for the appropriate staff to be able to reach out to the student of concern.